Saturday, January 14, 2012

SitNGo Wizard 2 Alpha Preview

Welcome to the SitNGo Wizard blog, where I will discuss current and future development plans for the Wizard and answer questions. Feel free to suggest topics you would like me to discuss. With introductions out of the way, allow me to preview the SitNGo Wizard 2.

The SitNGo Wizard 2 ("SW2") is a major update that will be free to all existing SitNGo Wizard users. SW2 is fully integrated into Holdem Manager 2. In fact, the stand alone version of SW2 uses the HM2 database engine and user interface. Here is a quick preview.

Tournaments View

SW2 has two primary views: the tournaments view and the current hand view. The tournaments view displays a list of your tournaments and a list of hands in the selected tournaments.

The tournaments view.

SW2 uses the same ribbon interface that HM2 uses. In the integrated version SW2 is an extra ribbon tab in HM2. In the stand alone version there is a single SW2 ribbon tab.

Hand histories are imported into the HM2 database so you no longer need to open a tournament folder every time you want to review your tournaments. They are already available to you in the database.


SW2 includes improved filtering of tournaments and hands. Tournaments can be filtered using the powerful HM2 date range filter.

Date range filter.

Tournaments can also be filtered by tournament type using HM2 tournament tags. Hands can be filtered by the game status based on a SitNGo Wizard analysis of each hand.

Game status filter.
Hands can also be marked using HM2 marks and filtered by mark type.

Current Hand View

The current hand view displays an analysis of the tournament view’s currently selected hand.

Current hand view.
On the left side is a list of opponent pre-flop actions. On the right is a replayer snap-shot of the selected opponent action. When you select an opponent action the replayer view displays a snap-shot of all the actions up to the selected opponent’s action.

A summary of the analysis is displayed below the snap-shot. Other tabs display a hole cards grid where you can quickly see the hands with which you can push and a graph view plotting your equity or hand range against an opponent’s hand range.

The opponent actions view can optionally display over-calls and allows you to override any opponent hand range. Each action row can be expanded to display the details of each possible outcome.

Opponent Models

Opponent models for each player can be changed on the ribbon.

Opponent model selection.

Current and Future Work

A new custom hand editor is currently in development. New enhancements include the ability to customize hand history hands, move players, and move the button.

A new, much improved quiz mode is also in development. The new quiz mode will allow you to adjust opponent hand ranges before answering the quiz. You no longer have to base your decisions on the default opponent models.

Customized opponent hand rankings is in the planning stages. This feature will allow you to easily create your own rankings for opponent hand ranges.


SW2 will cost $99 for new users. SW2 is a free upgrade for all existing SitNGo Wizard 1 users.


A release date for SW2 has not been set. If you are an HM2 user and would like to help test the integrated alpha release of SW2, please send an email to