Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crushing Online Sit-and-Go's: Special Offer for SitNGo Wizard Users

The most daunting task new SitNGo Wizard users face is estimating opponent hand ranges. Not only is it difficult to make accurate estimates, it is also critical to getting useful results from the Wizard's analysis. If your estimates are wrong, the advice the Wizard provides is probably wrong. Garbage in, garbage out.

When users ask me how to estimate opponent hand ranges, the best advice I can offer it to study, study, study. The more you play, observe, and analyze, the better your estimates will get. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. There are no shortcuts.

Until now.

A Little History

I was browsing the 2+2 forums a while back when I noticed this thread discussing an ebook titled Crushing Online Sit-and-Go's (COSNG's) by Greg "zerosum79" Jones. Normally, I am skeptical about poker ebooks. But this ebook caught my attention for a couple of reasons.

First, it was endorsed by Collin Moshman. Collin is a highly respected SNG coach and author of Sit 'n Go Strategy. Greg Jones was a student of Collin's, so he learned from one of the best.

Second, COSNG's apparently makes extensive use of the SitNGo Wizard. That alone gives it at least some credibility.

So I obtained a copy of COSNG's to see if it contained any useful information.

My Take

To put it mildly, I was impressed.

In a nutshell, Greg has defined a small set of key situations (Greg calls them pivot points) that are commonly encountered. He has estimated opponent hand ranges for each situation and provided the hero's hand range (as calculated by the Wizard) summarized in well organized tables.

Once you have learned pivot points, Greg shows you how to apply them to other situations on the fly by making simple adjustments to the pivot points.

Greg also shows you how to create your own pivot points for other tough situations you might face that are not covered in his basic system

Using COSNG's can cut weeks, maybe even months, off of your learning curve. Now, there really is a shortcut to learning winning push-fold strategy with the SitNGo Wizard.

A Special Offer

I am so confident that SitNGo Wizard users will benefit from COSNG's that I contacted Greg and worked out a special price just for Wizard users. The regular list price for COSNG's is $99.99, but for a limited time you can get COSNG's for $69. If you have not yet purchased the Wizard, you can get both the Wizard and COSNG's for the special combo price of $149.

I have had many opportunities to endorse third party products, but this is the first one I believed was worth supporting. If you are a SitNGo Wizard user, I am confident COSNG's will pay for itself many times over.

You can purchase COSNG's at the special price at the SitNGo Wizard web site.

Introductory Video

Here is a brief video introduction to COSNG's.

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  1. Which browser are you using? I can watch the video in Chrome and IE. You might try refreshing your browser.

  2. Sorry, not have install silverlight.

  3. I have some questions. As I understanding COSNG's not have russian translate? If it ebook with activation, it link whith computer or SnG licensing?
    Can I use machines translate to ebook or it format not take possible use machin translate? Unfortunately I have a difficalt with english. Thank You.

  4. The license is linked to your computer. I do not believe there is any way to machine translate the text at this time. Machine translation probably would not work well anyway due to the technical nature of the text.

  5. OK. What about often change machin configuration? I work in IT and periodicaly change hardware... Usually it`s not gobal, but 1 time per year replased platform Mb with CPU.
    I`m understand your desire to keep a copyright, but also I would like to have a guarantee of safety of purchase.
    Whether there is a possibility preliminary to estimate complexity of understanding on an example of 2-3 paragraphs?

  6. I suggest you send an email to He can answer your question much better than I.

  7. Thank Your for recommendations, very interesting book

  8. Hi Dennis

    In the video the price for the book is $59,
    but at your site it's $69. Why?

    Borge Hansen
    SitNGo Wizard user

  9. The $59 price was a limited time offer. The offer has expired.